I "Eat" Every Flavor of Takis

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You've been eating Takis wrong your whole life but that's okay. My review will show you the CORRECT way to fully enjoy Takis.
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Leldy Pirms 6 Minūtes
I lost my ability to breathe normally for a full minute after I saw him eject the first taki. I thought it was a bit, or some sort of poor excuse of a joke. When the taki hit the napkin, I knew it was not. God help us all.
TeslatrooperC&C Pirms 16 Minūtes
Mark is the Alex Jones of gaming youtubers
Motocross Madness
Motocross Madness Pirms 51 minūtes
If you eat a lot of blue heat your poop turns blue like the chip
Let us Search
Let us Search Pirms 57 Minūtes
1:45 Mark do I not exist Mom I’m scared aaaaaah she doesn’t exist
RA1N DROP Pirms Stundas
bro theres a bright blue taki, cant be good for you
RA1N DROP Pirms Stundas
i dont like the buffalo one either bruh
RA1N DROP Pirms Stundas
lowkey uncomfortable
AggressiveFox 45
AggressiveFox 45 Pirms Stundas
I think he likes takis
Dramey Pirms Stundas
I’m eating tanks and I tried it how mark does and it’s not as spicy AND the powder is GREAT.
JeffTheKilla774 Pirms Stundas
I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Rose
Blue Rose Pirms 3 Stundām
Love how at the beginning he was so fascinated it was a good bag with lots of the powder😂😂😂
PigStep Pirms 3 Stundām
My anxiety drops every time he sucks the life out of a taki
Phaze disc
Phaze disc Pirms 4 Stundām
Dear Mark, What is the worst flavor out of all of them?
Anchovy Bushwack
Anchovy Bushwack Pirms 5 Stundām
Shit, you got my subdesciption Everyone, subdescibe to Mark
spooky misfit
spooky misfit Pirms 5 Stundām
i am pausing righhhttt here and going to get a bag of takis brb
Olivia Denman
Olivia Denman Pirms 5 Stundām
now he has to try Cattleman's Cut Takis flavored beef jerky sticks
sweet tea
sweet tea Pirms 5 Stundām
Zombie is actually my favorite flavor it's super good in my opinion
Ttv Papa Godzilla Gaming
Ttv Papa Godzilla Gaming Pirms 6 Stundām
We can all agree that Mark went at least a little bit insane
Manura AL-Salamah
Manura AL-Salamah Pirms 6 Stundām
Mark why in the hell do you suck the powder just that not the chips you have to eat the entire thing not suck the powder off like what I feel is 😞 I feel bad you don't know yow to eat a takis
PewPew Pirms 7 Stundām
It has come to the point where i am watching mark sucking on "Shrek's turds" ...
Blank Blank
Blank Blank Pirms 7 Stundām
Anybody else got mad everyone he spat out a taki
Aryan K
Aryan K Pirms 7 Stundām
In the description he says WE EAT IT WRONG while he doesn’t even eat it
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Pirms 8 Stundām
19:18 markiplier really said : P A T H E T I C
decaffinated hearts
decaffinated hearts Pirms 8 Stundām
i ate one bag of taki’s and it fucked up my teeth so bad that i had to have soup for a week and a half so i see where he’s coming from here
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Pirms 8 Stundām
Alternate name : Takis Doctor
Bumbling Idiot
Bumbling Idiot Pirms 9 Stundām
The fact that he doesn’t eat the thing pisses me off
Katte Pirms 9 Stundām
this makes me wanna see mark cameo in an episode of brutalfoods
John Wells
John Wells Pirms 9 Stundām
I’m pretty sure this video was just a way of you coming out as eating takis like a psycho, no hate I love ya but that just ain’t right
Nick Varecka
Nick Varecka Pirms 9 Stundām
he should not get sponsered by takis when he eats them like that
Project Zoergo
Project Zoergo Pirms 9 Stundām
Marcky boy the kill your stumic lineing
Yoda 123
Yoda 123 Pirms 9 Stundām
I’ve never tried taksi
Julian Vizcaino
Julian Vizcaino Pirms 9 Stundām
This is like shrek’s turd
David Ayotte
David Ayotte Pirms 10 Stundām
How the hell do you open a bag of chips?? Dude..IT'S THE BASIC
Ryan Sole
Ryan Sole Pirms 11 Stundām
All I keep seeing is a mix of Matt Mercer and Keanu Reeves...
Sharkrider 105
Sharkrider 105 Pirms 11 Stundām
It makes me mad how he "eats" Takis
Sarah Sparkles
Sarah Sparkles Pirms 11 Stundām
19:23 get out of there you don't belong there
Stinlance Pirms 12 Stundām
Anybody else feel like he looks like John wick?
Yeetson_2731 Pirms 12 Stundām
Katsuki Bakugou appears at 20:10
Almaz Alia Kirana
Almaz Alia Kirana Pirms 15 Stundām
Mark eats Takis like how i imagine a dementor would
Official Julian Hernandez
Official Julian Hernandez Pirms 16 Stundām
i think the crunchy fajita taste like processed cheese
1Hour-4U Pirms 17 Stundām
6:03 eating takis gets emotional
ObsidiaN XD
ObsidiaN XD Pirms 17 Stundām
Takis stands are triggered right now 5:11
weezerfan 5
weezerfan 5 Pirms 18 Stundām
this is just mark proving to us that he has big brain
Hunter ironwolf
Hunter ironwolf Pirms 19 Stundām
I lick the powder off then I eat the chip and I get so many weird looks
guy mero
guy mero Pirms 19 Stundām
next, crush all the flavors into a same bowl mixing it well and spoon test LUL
MI / DI Pirms 19 Stundām
I wonder if anyone has left a comment saying "I f*ck with Takis, bro!" yaet.
Jaden Shane
Jaden Shane Pirms 19 Stundām
Imagine someone scraped 50 bucks worth of Taki dust into a spice bottle and mailed it to Markiplier
Jaden Shane
Jaden Shane Pirms 19 Stundām
Probably a dream come true
Landen Eisenhart
Landen Eisenhart Pirms 19 Stundām
it tookhim7 minutes to 1: go over the first bag, and 2: tell us how time ends when he does
Dan Esp
Dan Esp Pirms 20 Stundām
I asked to be paid in ℙ𝕆𝕎𝔻𝔼ℝ
FaZe George Floyd
FaZe George Floyd Pirms 21 Stundas
RIP the roof of his mouth after this
wdzander tv live
wdzander tv live Pirms 21 Stundas
Whenever I get talkies I alwase seem to get them drenched in powder
Nick Eitel
Nick Eitel Pirms 22 Stundām
10 seconds in the video and I already want to do this because I've tried a taki and it was sooooo spicy and I loved it
Ramoxfire Leader of Gauntlet Squadron
Ramoxfire Leader of Gauntlet Squadron Pirms 22 Stundām
8:00 This is my life when I eat Takis. -Guy
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker Pirms 23 Stundām
English please
Peyton Bealmear
Peyton Bealmear Pirms 23 Stundām
You sure it will stay on my watch history? Bye bye
Angelica Siguencia
Angelica Siguencia Pirms 23 Stundām
They should make taki lollipops for Mark so you can dip it into powder. Like a scooop😭😂
Bread The Trashpanda
Bread The Trashpanda Pirms dienas
I hate that he doesn't actually eat the chips
Ben Bollivar
Ben Bollivar Pirms dienas
Just eat the damn chip normally
Hussien Madkour
Hussien Madkour Pirms dienas
yo i had the limited run zombie ones that are green
Riella Pirms dienas
the way mark eats takis is the same way i used to eat doritos. just licking off the powder
Alex Tsang
Alex Tsang Pirms dienas
lmfao never have i laughed so hard at chip eating
Christopher Seipt
Christopher Seipt Pirms dienas
Markipiler is korean/german Keanu Reeves
• Histraction •
• Histraction • Pirms dienas
Mark: this vid is on ur watch history now The delete from watch history button: helo.
That 1 Weird Person
That 1 Weird Person Pirms dienas
Nooo mark I love the sticks fuego how could you 😭✋
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez Pirms dienas
Mans took the whole "eating every takis flavor" to the next level.
ry ye
ry ye Pirms dienas
I made a promise and it was quit enjoyable!
kenzie Pirms dienas
mark you should make some taki powder since they won’t give you any
rät bug
rät bug Pirms dienas
the guacamole takis look like the grinch sprinkled his dandruff and pubes all over them
Alejandro Alba
Alejandro Alba Pirms dienas
fuegos but less spicy and no lime - crunchy fajitas
Jack Evans
Jack Evans Pirms dienas
i had to wipe the blinding ass cringe out of my eyes.
Bodies YT
Bodies YT Pirms dienas
Yay he referenced u- SHUT 👌
Benjamin Dorsey
Benjamin Dorsey Pirms dienas
Hi mark
Zombieman68f Pirms dienas
Congrats guys!
ayonna deleon
ayonna deleon Pirms dienas
Are we not gonna talk about marks sexual relationship with takis😭🤚🏼
Jesse Rego
Jesse Rego Pirms dienas
mark gotta stay off that K2
Gamingnerd2000 Pirms dienas
I like guacamole flavored takis 👁️👄👁️
jamie artonio
jamie artonio Pirms dienas
We should all stop buying takis till they give mark his powder lol 😂
Admiral_Anno Pirms dienas
that was possibly the greatest review video I have ever seen in my LIFE.
Nikki Wong
Nikki Wong Pirms dienas
This is not in my watch history, my watch history is pushed
Esmeralda Campos
Esmeralda Campos Pirms dienas
Mark u just made me set a orphanage on fire.......
Yo Mooky
Yo Mooky Pirms dienas
i love spicey stuff but i havent tasted takis
Karla McWilliams
Karla McWilliams Pirms dienas
my watch history
Karla McWilliams
Karla McWilliams Pirms dienas
lie i took it off and came back
savage killer
savage killer Pirms dienas
don't get me wrong here, but with this haircut he looks like John Wick
Ľőñę wøļf ķiñž
Ľőñę wøļf ķiñž Pirms dienas
Who the hell eats Takis like this wth
flex 1106
flex 1106 Pirms dienas
john wic i mean um what nooooo
Levi Shawn
Levi Shawn Pirms dienas
Tori Lynn
Tori Lynn Pirms dienas
If you like the powder so much why don’t you just crush the talkis? Trust me it makes them so much better. But I usually crush half the bag.
Xotiic_Gaming Pirms dienas
everytime he puts one in his mouth i think hes going to chew it lmao
veido guy
veido guy Pirms dienas
bruh you understand takis the same way i do and also at 3:31 i can really relate to
keanu directo
keanu directo Pirms dienas
i love POWDER!
Fatamh Ali
Fatamh Ali Pirms dienas
Why do u look like John wick
LeGiT x MuFFiNz
LeGiT x MuFFiNz Pirms dienas
Give mark taki powder!
Bitch Pirms dienas
Elijah Velez
Elijah Velez Pirms dienas
So how does he eat Takis in public if he doesn't eat the shell of the taki.
Althea Bautista
Althea Bautista Pirms 23 Stundām
he spits it out on strangers duhh
Izayah Malik
Izayah Malik Pirms dienas
The way you eat takis makes me uncomfortable in many different ways
Psychic Ruin
Psychic Ruin Pirms dienas
Just me or 1:16 - 1:19 Mark sounded like thanos?
Grains On Lite
Grains On Lite Pirms dienas
Um can someone explain a word he just said
Tetsuro Kuroo-さん あなたより背が高い
Tetsuro Kuroo-さん あなたより背が高い Pirms dienas
he clearly knows what he's talking about, as he's comparing takis to drugs- .-.
TheMaskedChris Pirms dienas
The way Mark eats Takis is gonna be my new sleep paralysis demon
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