Markiplier Loses His Sanity Simulator

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Pawel Nawrot
Pawel Nawrot Pirms 2 Stundām
Set obs as high priority which you can do in the task manager
Eric Cervera
Eric Cervera Pirms 3 Stundām
set obs to higher priority??? or encode on your ryzen 9???
ANaturalMess Pirms 4 Stundām
I would die
Brianda Aranda
Brianda Aranda Pirms 5 Stundām
But like, if you do ever get lost out there: shelter, clean water, rescue, food. In that order. You can last about 3 hours in heavy rain or snow before you get hypothermia or 3 hours in strong sun before you pass out from dehydration, about 3 days without clean water, you should focus most of your energy on making any sort of signal to get rescued (and don't wander off too far from where you got lost!) and you can go about 3 weeks without food.
Issac Grigori
Issac Grigori Pirms 6 Stundām
That was... Disappointing
Bull Shot
Bull Shot Pirms 7 Stundām
12:48 better raise your sanity bar
Jaya Wolf
Jaya Wolf Pirms 9 Stundām
This is literally just Mark's review for OBS but like a boss he decided he wouldn't write it. He would turn it into a whole video.
Kasey Bradford
Kasey Bradford Pirms 10 Stundām
not quite the same thing but i have frequent daydreams of living mostly-off-grid and finding a person who has been somehow magically transported to the area i'm in and i get to be a hero and save them
Lord Abigor Official
Lord Abigor Official Pirms 11 Stundām
''I am not a masochist'' Look Mark I know how masochistim works and when you cry ''I deserve this'' that's a big clue saying you have some masochistic spirit in you
Musabbir Hasan
Musabbir Hasan Pirms 11 Stundām
Why noy use the old pc to capture on OBS.
Malik Narayanin
Malik Narayanin Pirms 12 Stundām
Mark, maybe try encoding your footage using x264 ( uses CPU) instead of NVENC H.265 (uses GPU). I'm assuming you're using NVENC, but maybe you have an AMD GPU. I highly doubt it, though.
Neria Pirms 13 Stundām
12:15 denial 12:35 anger 13:05 bargaining 14:20 depression 15:00 acceptance
Leroy Pirms 13 Stundām
hey mark, i've been thinking abt what could cause the lag. check and make sure if the renderer in obs is NOT on NVENC, that's the renderer for your gpu. since your cpu has a lot of capacity left, that might work better for you. hopefully this might've been useful to you :D
Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich Pirms 21 Stundas
If you like this you should play The Long Dark!
Doom_The _Fox16
Doom_The _Fox16 Pirms 22 Stundām
Poor Mark
Starset-Skies Pirms 22 Stundām
Funny how he says that it's like 2003 gaming after having to turn the quality down- the lowered resolution game immediately reminded me of those Cabela hunting games for PS2 and such lol
JBDBIB Baerman
JBDBIB Baerman Pirms dienas
I would die
LiFeIsFuN Pirms dienas
I almost was like “Actually eating snow isn’t the best because of hypothermia” but then the game said it as well
kasenator5000 Pirms dienas
Run OBS as administrator
Yursa Luna
Yursa Luna Pirms dienas
I wonder if mark had tried upping the priority of OBS
Hesus Pirms dienas
15:16 I am literally fucking crying oh my god this is the funniest shit 😂😂
Common Freak
Common Freak Pirms dienas
mark, don't lie, you ARE a masochist
Common Freak
Common Freak Pirms dienas
and maybe put the resolution from 4k to 1080p, that might help with obs
Gender Is A Social Construct I Am A Potato
Gender Is A Social Construct I Am A Potato Pirms dienas
Mark: Imagine if you got transported in the Siberian Wilderness. Me: Bold of you to assume that I’m not constantly surrounded by blankets and/or wearing some sort of jacket or hoodie. Also Mark loading his sanity over the graphics is funnier then him playing the game. Good job editing Lixian.
Idakiller Pirms dienas
Mark, play the Long Dark!
Incarnate Sable
Incarnate Sable Pirms dienas
Anyone else literally not notice the problems he's talking about with lag?
Roccodoc Pirms dienas
I wouldnt survive is the funny thing
Kennie Pirms dienas
if you get teleported get ready for some nuclear fusion depending on how you got teleported
69SUGOI69 Pirms dienas
damn I never knew having to go on low quality for someone who's always played on high is so hurtful for me it's the complete opposite cuz there is no way in hell my pc can handle high quality
Bishop Pirms dienas
If you are stranded in the Siberia Wilderness, just don't die, be a man.
Gamer J
Gamer J Pirms dienas
7:19 Sybearrrrrian Wilderness.
Midnight Bliss
Midnight Bliss Pirms dienas
"Don't put wOrds into mY mOuTh" "Don't put- siGhTs into mY eYeS" -Mark 2021
Xavier Chavera
Xavier Chavera Pirms dienas
Mark: "this looks so baaaddd! I'm playing in 2003!😭" Fallout 4: ...
That Jackie
That Jackie Pirms dienas
My technologically illiterate ass during Mark's OBS rant: ❔❔❔👁👄👁❔❔❔
Elizabeth Fuenzalida
Elizabeth Fuenzalida Pirms 2 dienām
Just an fyi: Eating snow is not the same as consuming water because snow is a solid that must melt before it becomes a fluid. Cells and organs in the body need water to be in a liquid state, so the body must work to heat and melt the snow once it is eaten. Because the organs must work harder to heat the ice and melt it, you will become further dehydrated rather than hydrated. You will continue to lose more water than you are taking in, even though you are hydrating the body by eating snow. If snow is your only option to rehydrate your body, the snow should be melted before it is consumed to prevent further dehydration and to avoid hypothermia
chillperson Pirms 2 dienām
i wouldn’t i would curl up and die
Arn Pirms 2 dienām
the real video starts at 12:07
Arn Pirms 2 dienām
1:24 that scream sounded like Mark was the one who was voice acting for it
Samuel Ray
Samuel Ray Pirms 2 dienām
As a dude who once owned the most potatoèst pc ever I really can fcking relate
Tristan Keyser
Tristan Keyser Pirms 2 dienām
I lo:e how he manage cap out the best gpu you can buy right now lol
Ditto Fate
Ditto Fate Pirms 2 dienām
Marky, try Nvidias ShadowPlay for games if youre using an Nvidia card. Easier interface, optimization is good and should be hassle free to capture footage.
Dinofan Pirms 2 dienām
Mark should give The Long Dark a try! This game reminds me of that game a lot. And it is a great game too! ❄️
Sin DeWitt
Sin DeWitt Pirms 2 dienām
some of the tentative survival advice here is... amusing
Karatejay21 Pirms 2 dienām
Marks hitting us with the human homeostasis lessons
ploksvy Pirms 2 dienām
The graphics look like ps2 graphics
Zigg Pirms 2 dienām
watch this will boost your high
Krisy Mac
Krisy Mac Pirms 2 dienām
Damn. I liked this gane
Greg Kim Groglin
Greg Kim Groglin Pirms 2 dienām
mark, you need a better cpu..
Lewis B
Lewis B Pirms 2 dienām
I'm gonna need to dig a hole and stay the night in the hole. It'll keep me away from the stinging winds. Then make primitive tools to help me survive.
Jordan Maessen
Jordan Maessen Pirms 2 dienām
Markiplier: I'm not a masochist *he says as his face is scrunched up in a classic Lixian edit*
Cassio Paiass
Cassio Paiass Pirms 2 dienām
So much drama over a tiny but of lag that probably almost non of his watchers noticed 🙄
Henry Mlck
Henry Mlck Pirms 2 dienām
If you haven't already, join OBS's discord server, and get some help ig
Jackson Stafford
Jackson Stafford Pirms 3 dienām
mark if you really want a game with a winter survival setting play the long dark, it has a non realistic artstyle but is much less forgiving
CrypticCod3r Pirms 3 dienām
I saw your 2560x1440 in-game resolution. Biggest thing that still allows me to run modern games on my 7 year old gpu is to drop the resolution to 1080p.
Tails Doll Prower
Tails Doll Prower Pirms 3 dienām
set it to 24 NTC FPS
vananyask1 Pirms 3 dienām
thought I was coming here to see him lose his mind at a video game, boy were we bamboozled
Quentin Furlong
Quentin Furlong Pirms 3 dienām
From the title I thought thid was another "I Am Bread" video
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Pirms 3 dienām
Why was he freaking out? It looked good to me
CleftX88 Gaming
CleftX88 Gaming Pirms 3 dienām
Mark I totally feel your pain...and I don't make money off my Streaming either...but might I suggest GameCaster. I used OBS Studio for a bit, but had the same issue with it being an asshole and it wouldn't play with 75% of games, even though it registered them as video capture options...blank screen. OBS is poop.
Zach Earley
Zach Earley Pirms 3 dienām
Is it just me or can I not notice the difference
MDH Pirms 3 dienām
I'm thankfull for watching this video while Mark would stop playing for a minute. That minute feels special. It aint every time that something like this happens. I understand you're busy Mark so thank you for this and other videos. Okay maybe this reaction gets way to empathic, but whatever 😂😁
Madeline Sellers
Madeline Sellers Pirms 3 dienām
i thought the title was a joke based on being able to lose your sanity in the game, not because mark actually did...
Theratlord Pirms 3 dienām
"i get transported naked just to make it harder" not a masochist by the way not at all.
i like your cut g minecraft
i like your cut g minecraft Pirms 3 dienām
teloport back then watch anime
SomeoneHumanMan Pirms 3 dienām
Ya know, he kinda looks like SomethingElseYT but without glasses...
The Chimichanga
The Chimichanga Pirms 3 dienām
12:08 - 21:00 Not capturing? Lagging? I didn't notice any of fact, it looked completely fine on my side until Mark paused the game and checked the systems. 🤨
菁兒育民 Pirms 3 dienām
I like how he complaint about a few frames while ma cpu wants to go boom
Four Leaf Cloverr
Four Leaf Cloverr Pirms 3 dienām
3:20 ffs
Renku Panda
Renku Panda Pirms 3 dienām
The quality struggle was me playing Calico. Luckily that game simple looking.
Haley L.
Haley L. Pirms 3 dienām
Tbh, I thought it was a bit in the intro. Especially when he said “this isn’t a bit”. And then he said “Amy HATES this thought experiment” and I KNEW it wasn’t a bit. How many times do you think she’s had to endure this questioning?
Stephen Iannuccilli
Stephen Iannuccilli Pirms 3 dienām
I'm pretty sure Vsync takes more CPU with it on
Pgloverishere And the crew
Pgloverishere And the crew Pirms 3 dienām
Jack Tiedemann
Jack Tiedemann Pirms 3 dienām
Winter Survival Simulator looks like knockoff Long Dark ngl
COMIC DEKU Pirms 3 dienām
Mark:Im not a masochist Me who still not over unas annus: THE GONGOOSLER WILL COME FOR YOU MARK
DaGhostDS Pirms 3 dienām
I would recommend two computers, one for capture, one for the games, with a simple capture card on the first computer, it's not that hard to setup. You got the money for the scalpers price for a 3090 anyway. xD
Marky Cool
Marky Cool Pirms 4 dienām
what can we say. he loves obs
Levi Powell
Levi Powell Pirms 4 dienām
How would I survive in the siberian wilderness? *Points at The Long Dark* Is this close enough?
Zaraiya Lee
Zaraiya Lee Pirms 4 dienām
You should play the long dark its similar to this its a winter survival game and id really like to see how you do in it
Natalie Long
Natalie Long Pirms 4 dienām
Mark, as a fan, I know you are busy so If you need a break soon please take one. We love your content but we want to see you doing well.
Venus Storm
Venus Storm Pirms 4 dienām
@lixainTV Me in class at my friend: Lixain! Lixain help! Them to me: Shut up. Me:Hello everybody my name is Markiplier.
kake sama
kake sama Pirms 4 dienām
im not a masochist
Peachy Pirms 4 dienām
I have fever
PaintTheFence Pirms 4 dienām
i would survive by becoming monke
Glitch Afton
Glitch Afton Pirms 4 dienām
Wild potato are naturally poisoned
Baked Gas
Baked Gas Pirms 4 dienām
Play Outer Wilds
Josh Furman
Josh Furman Pirms 4 dienām
This reminds me of when mark would play that bomb simulator game with bob and wade and would scream FRAMES
Emma Cundiff
Emma Cundiff Pirms 4 dienām
I didn't even notice it was bad before he made it a potato lol
splitairplane 2
splitairplane 2 Pirms 4 dienām
I just want to clarify eating snow in a desperate attempt to get water is the wrong move snow is I think less dense so get less than you think your best move is to melt it so it's actually drinkable
monstormaniac Pirms 4 dienām
When opening OBS, Right Click and Then 'Run as Administrator' to let your computer know this is a priority task. OBS will run better.
Lexton Stanhope
Lexton Stanhope Pirms 4 dienām
i would not servive
RDW Pirms 4 dienām
I mean... You're rich af Mark, buy a new pc?
Meg Dawson
Meg Dawson Pirms 4 dienām
Mark: If I somehow ever do get transported to the Siberian wilderness, how would I survive? Me: You use your tactical shovel Mark! It has a million and one uses!! ;)
William Pirms 4 dienām
Only eat snow that are fresh from the sky, floor snow is tainted by the elements
Ann Mol
Ann Mol Pirms 4 dienām
Of all his funny games, I revisit this video for 10 minutes of pure laughter from Mark's aghast and bewildered noises
NerdyGamer Pirms 4 dienām
My survival plan : Wait for Mark, Bob, Wade, and the like to also show up, then pray Bear Grylls also shows up.
Mark Sweet
Mark Sweet Pirms 4 dienām
just put shadows on low and should be fine
Gamer_Girl Jenny
Gamer_Girl Jenny Pirms 4 dienām
What's the Lixian game video called?
Gamer_Girl Jenny
Gamer_Girl Jenny Pirms 4 dienām
Mark for the 100th time :I'm not a masochist
I R V Pirms 5 dienām
I wonder if Lixian ever loses his sanity from editing Mark's videos
alissa holt
alissa holt Pirms 5 dienām
mark just set OBS as a high priority in the task manager.
Hanako Olsen
Hanako Olsen Pirms 5 dienām
15:00 and he’s getting into some deep shit dude, let’s get an F in the chat for Mark here 👌
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